Sound deadening materials in equipment and machine construction

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Steinbach AG Industrial Components offers a wide range of high-quality technical sound deadening materials and heavy foils for structure-borne sound insulation (sound deadening) in construction around the noise emission sources of machinery, in machine housings and enclosures, and in vehicles.

The heavy foils for use in machine and vehicle construction are mostly designed to be flame-resistant in accordance with DIN 75200 and come with a superior self-adhesive system based on acrylate for quick fitting.

Using the very latest water-jet cutting technology, Steinbach AG can efficiently cut the heavy foils to size based on supplied CAD data. The ready-fit damping elements delivered to our customers as a result save valuable time in their production process.

Where composite material made of acoustically effective foam and heavy foil is required for air- or structure-borne sound insulation, we can also produce customised quality products in an effective laminating process.