M 1791a/b-fleece

M 1791a/b-fleece is a polyurethane-foam (polyether), both sides lined with a black polyester fleece (PES-fleece).

Main function

Airborne sound absorption (absorption)


Sound insulating cabins, vehicle cabs, mechanical engineering, in vehicle as side lining, in the engine compartment etc.


Mechanical fastening
Processing temperature: 18 - 25 °C


The surface is impregnated against penetration by oil, gasoline and water

Storage conditions

Dry at temperatures between 18 - 25 °C
Stackability: 100 parts (M 1791a/20/b-fleece),
                      50 parts (M 1791a/30/b-fleece) till 50 °C
Max storage time: 6 months (M 1791a/20/b-fleece)
                            12 months (M 1791a/30/b-fleece)

Delivery forms

Standard boards 1,000 x 1,600 mm,
other sizes and cut-to-size pieces upon request.

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