Driver's and passenger cabin

Fire protection / Testing method
M 2044/20 (self-adhesive / not adhesive) M 2044/20 (self-adhesive / not adhesive) Melamine flexible foam, surface carbon fiber fleece (lozenge embossed) DIN 5510-2
S 3500 (self-adhesive / not adhesive) S 3500 (self-adhesive / not adhesive) PE-foam (closed-cell) DIN 5510-2
S 3911/-Tect-o-phob AL S 3911/-Tect-o-phob AL Melamine resin foam (hydrophobic, oleophobic), grey, surface aluminium foil EN 45545-2
S 3913/-Tect-AL S 3913/-Tect-AL Melamine resin foam, light grey, surface aluminium foil EN 45545-2
S 3914/...-Tect-V S 3914/...-Tect-V Melamine resin foam (open-cell), grey, surface polyester fleece DIN 5510-2
S 3915/-Tect (self-adhesive / not adhesive) S 3915/-Tect (self-adhesive / not adhesive) Melamine resin foam (open-cell), light grey DIN EN 45545-2
S 3925a/…-Vg S 3925a/…-Vg Melamine flexible foam, surface fiber fleece DIN EN 45545-2
BarySkin® V60 BarySkin® V60 2K-system based on PU DIN 5510-2
Bary-X2®/-a Bary-X2®/-a Plastic heavy foil, partly lined with jute textile DIN 5510-2