Manufacturing process

LCM – Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing is the revolutionary process used for the production of ceramic materials. The process starts with a slurry consisting of a ceramic powder and a UV-light sensitive monomer.

UV exposure leads to polymerisation turning the liquid slurry into a solid, which consists of ceramic powder and a polymer.
The thermal processes of debinding and sintering remove the polymer and consolidate the ceramic particles.
During the debinding the polymer decomposes and outgases.
After sintering the result is a gas-tight component with a smooth surface.

Technical consulting

Our service portfolio includes comprehensive customer advice with customised solutions.
We will be glad to advise you on the best ceramic material for your application.

Development & manufacturing

Our technical ceramics are produced in-house in an additive process that widens the options for us to tailor geometries to specific applications. We will be happy to develop an optimised CAD model for you or create a computer simulation of the required components.

In addition, the process allows the simultaneous production of multiple versions of a component.

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Manufacturing process

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