Flat seals

Individually manufactured flat seals: quality seals from professionals

Our offering

  • Self-adhesive, waterjet-cut or stamped seals in various sizes
  • Different shapes, ex. O-shaped 2-D seals
  • Flat seals made of different materials (e.g. EPDM, NBR, EVM, FKM, PTFE, rubber, etc.) and in different sizes
  • Many resistances
  • From quantity 1 up to series production
  • High Quality

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Flat seals are seals which serve the static sealing of two flat sealing surfaces, mostly of two flat flanges being joined by screws. They are used, for example, in the pharmaceutical and food industry and have to resist various media and pressure. In using them, different plant elements are assembled. The classics among the flat seals are O-shaped 2-D seals which you can obtain from Steinbach AG in various sealing materials and sizes ready-to-install.

Condition and standard

Flat seals are manufactured from plates and are available in different shapes. Depending on the type and application, they are subject to the DIN standard series DIN EN 1514 subsequent to DIN EN and DIN EN 12560 subsequent to ANSI/ASME B16.5.

Areas of application

Flat seals are used, for example, in armatures, pumps, valves and pipes in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Yet they are also applied in various manners in air conditions, dental drills and car engines.


Flat seals mainly counted as parts of static sealings are firmly pressed only by external forces. On the one hand they seal up and at the same time they equalize the unevenness of the flanges. Moreover, they are very flexible, wear-resistant and very durable. Yet they do not adjust automatically to the sealing pressure. That means, they are not pressure sensitive. Flat seals are especially suitable for the sealing of solvents, gases, fuels and oils.

Summary of qualities:

  • flexibly usable
  • high number of applications
  • quick and easy installation
  • ready to install
  • quickly to release
  • wear-resistant
  • available in different materials


Depending on the area of application, flat seals have to be flexible at low temperatures, pressure resistant, food safe, chemically stable, resistant to soaking, high temperatures, oil or ozone. Therefore, depending on the area of application, different materials are chosen.

Steinbach AG offers you flat seals according to your requirements, for example from the following materials:

Our service for you: customised flat seals for individual requirements

From Steinbach AG you obtain self-adhesive, waterjet-cut or stamped seals in various sizes made of different materials. They are manufactured by latest production facilities like by our 2-D-pure-water and 3-D-cutting machines.

We manufacture the quality seals according to your individually specified dimensions and requirements. In addition, you may receive standardised flat seals even in small quantities starting from one piece

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