Resealable PE bags

perfect for reusable packaging and storing of small parts

Our offering

  • material made of eco-friendly polyethylene (PE)
  • resealable, press lock with zip
  • transparent, optionally coloured metallic silver or black
  • unprinted or with advertising print
  • various sizes  and thicknesses for selection
  • robust and tear-resistant
  • PE recycling logo on flag
  • ribs and reinforcement strips on flag
  • with side seam
  • optional with EURO hole and with up to 3 write-on panels
  • food-safe
  • 100 % recyclable
  • cuttings, punchings, perforations, etc. upon request
  • for short delivery
  • on-time delivery

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Prices of available thicknesses and sizes of our PE ziplock bags

++ Information on the current situation of raw materials / price increases (2/2021) ++

The market is currently experiencing a rapid development in the film sector. The prices for granulate have risen extremely and there is a shortage at the moment. Therefore, we currently have to reserve the right to adjust our prices. In addition, delivery times may be extended. We hope that the situation will ease soon and thank you for your understanding. 

Prices given in EURO per 1,000 pieces plus VAT.

Production possibilities: width: 35 - 520 mm  · length: 55 - 700 mm · thickness: 0,05 - 0,100 mm; special formats, printing and write-on panels are possible on request! The bag length corresponds to the filling level of the bag from bottom to reclosure. The overlapping on top of the closure is not included in the bag length.

The delivery of stock goods is effected immediately, within 3-5 working days at the latest. Subject to the goods being unsold. The delivery time of custom-made products and print jobs will be provided on request.

Thickness 0,05 mm unprinted

Size in mm
Width x Length
40 x 6020,7018,8018,8017,10Price on request
45 x 22026,3023,8023,8022,20Price on request
50 x 7519,4018,3018,3017,95Price on request
50 x 10020,9519,0019,0018,10Price on request
60 x 8020,8519,6519,6519,30Price on request
60 x 13024,1021,9021,9020,20Price on request
60 x 23026,2023,6523,6522,25Price on request
70 x 10025,3022,8522,8521,15Price on request
80 x 12026,6524,2024,2022,50Price on request
80 x 25034,5531,4031,4029,60Price on request
85 x 18030,7527,9027,9026,15Price on request
90 x 9026,0023,5523,5521,75Price on request
100 x 10026,4024,0524,0522,20Price on request
100 x 15029,0026,3526,3524,65Price on request
100 x 22036,0032,7032,7030,80Price on request
100 x 25043,3542,5042,5041,65Price on request
120 x 12029,7527,6527,6526,90Price on request
120 x 17032,4529,4529,4527,75Price on request
120 x 25040,4537,1037,1035,10Price on request
150 x 22040,5036,8036,8035,10Price on request
150 x 25043,0539,2039,2037,30Price on request
160 x 22040,8537,1537,1535,45Price on request
170 x 17047,8044,5044,5041,90Price on request
180 x 25045,6041,4541,4539,75Price on request
200 x 25046,8542,5042,5041,00Price on request
200 x 30050,7546,1546,1544,45Price on request
220 x 31054,3549,2549,2547,75Price on request
250 x 35062,7557,0057,0055,30Price on request
280 x 40070,3563,9563,9562,30Price on request
300 x 40073,7567,0067,0065,30Price on request
350 x 45086,6076,6076,6072,25Price on request
400 x 50097,3093,2593,2590,30Price on request
500 x 600131,50124,00124,00110,50Price on request

Thickness 0,060 mm

Size in mm
Width x Length
130 x 20043,3539,7039,7037,30Price on request

Thickness 0,090 mm unprinted

Size in mm
Width x Length
80 x 12029,6026,8026,8027,75Price on request
100 x 15034,8531,9531,9530,30Price on request
110 x 22042,5039,9539,9538,10Price on request
120 x 17038,9036,7036,7035,05Price on request
160 x 22049,8546,6546,6544,60Price on request
180 x 25055,4050,8050,8048,90Price on request
200 x 30060,9555,3555,3553,35Price on request
220 x 31069,1062,7062,7060,45Price on request
250 x 35080,2071,2071,2068,95Price on request
300 x 400101,6097,6097,6095,10Price on request
400 x 500185,20176,30176,30170,25Price on request
400 x 600240,60218,70218,70198,80Price on request
500 x 600 Price on request

Thickness 0,050 mm with Euro hole

Size in mm
Width x Length
40 x 6020,9018,95 17,25Price on request
60 x 8021,0519,90 19,50Price on request
70 x 10023,2021,10 20,45Price on request
80 x 12027,4524,95 23,15Price on request
100 x 15029,8527,10 25,40Price on request
120 x 17033,4030,35 28,60Price on request
160 x 22042,1038,25 36,55Price on request
180 x 25046,6542,85 40,85Price on request

Thickness 0,050 mm with stamp panel

Size in mm
Width x Length
40 x 6021,1019,15 17,40Price on request
70 x 10026,9024,30 23,50Price on request
100 x 15030,0527,30 25,55Price on request
120 x 17033,6030,50 28,75Price on request
160 x 22042,3038,45 36,70Price on request
200 x 30058,5557,10 55,10Price on request
220 x 31066,2064,50 62,40Price on request

Thickness 0,090 mm with Euro hole

Size in mm
Width x Length
235 x 325 special item!67,5061,2561,2559,05Price on request

PE ziplock bags of Steinbach AG

Our resealable bags consist of food-safe, 100 % recyclable Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE). They are perfectly suited for packaging, storing and for transporting small pieces.

The ziplock bags dispose of a side seam and are robust as well as tear-resistant and can therefore be used repeatedly. We deliver resealable bags made of polyethylene unprinted and transparent. Optionally the PE resealable bags are available coloured metallic silver or black. For your individual brand identity we also deliver to you our PE ziplock bags with your advertising print on demand. Due to the zip the bags can be opened and sealed again nearly any number of times.

The ziplock bags dispose of ribs and reinforcement strips as well as a PE recycling sign on flag. Optionally you receive our resealable bags with EURO hole and with up to three stamp resp. labelling fields.

Areas of application

  • technology sector
  • textile industry
  • cosmetic industry
  • food industry
  • dispatch logistics
  • etc.
Our ziplock bags made of polyethylene are available in various sizes and designs.
Our ziplock bags made of polyethylene are available in various sizes and designs.

Our Service for you

Steinbach AG offers PE ziplock bags in various thicknesses and sizes for selection for immediate delivery. Do you require special cuttings, punchings, perforations, etc.? We will gladly perform these for you.

On demand we will even send you our ziplock bags as samples.

Your format is not included? We deliver PE ziplock bags in special formats.

Please let us have your non-binding request.

Any queries regarding this product? Then contact us using this form or call:

+49 5231 9607-55

We will be happy to advise.