Customer-oriented services

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Water-jet cutting

Our cutting-edge 3D pure water-jet cutting plants allow us to handle even large-format designs of up to 3,000 x 4,000 mm.

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Short-notice customer enquiries, such as for prototype design, are quickly handled due to online data transfer.

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Thermo lining

Thermo laminators are double belt presses with two conveyor belts running synchronously and with integrated contact heating and cooling. The material to be laminated is heated. Due to the length of the heating zone, the material remains in the laminator for a relatively long time, resulting in optimal bonding with high coefficients of adhesion. The wedge-shaped inlet is adjustable. The conveyor belts are motor-driven and speed controlled. Immediately after the heating zone, the laminated material can be pressed using calendar rollers, or calibrated to the required final thickness. To stabilize the bonding, the laminated material is cooled while still in the laminator. Due to the flat passage through the laminator and the precise height adjustment, the machine can even laminate solid sheets with a material thickness of up to 50 mm.

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Customised logistics solutions

As an industrial and value-added partner for the mechanical engineering, equipment and vehicle construction sectors, we adapt to constant changes in the markets.

The manufacture of insulating materials in ready-made, cut-to-size pieces has increased rapidly over the past few years.

On request, we will assemble the ready-cut insulating components in sets, labelled and then packaged in specified batch sizes.

When it comes to the later installation, this can provide considerable savings for customers in their own assembly lines because the fitters will know exactly which component goes where.

In agreement with the customer, we use individual packaging and transport solutions, ranging from packaging in sets using foils, boxes and special transport frames through to seaworthy wooden shipping crates...everything is possible!

A further, successfully operating service offered by Steinbach AG is to package the goods in boxes provided by the customer.

Labelling, packaging, assembly and shipping as required - that's what we call a full service!


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