BarySkin® V608M

BarySkin® V608M is a solvent-free two-component (2K) system based on polyurethane, with high structure-borne sound-damping effect, very good adhesive properties, is solvent-free and contains no liquid components.

Main function

Structure borne sound dampening (anti-drumming), corrosion protection, sealing, adhesive


Sound insulating cabins, vehicle cabins, mechanical engineering, partition walls, electrical apparatus construction, enclosures, sandwich constructions, ship- and yacht building etc.


Attention should be paid to our processing instructions!

Before starting work, it is necessary to consult the safety data sheet for precautionary and safety advice.
Also for non-labeled products, the usual precautions for chemical products must be observed.

Underground preparation
The surfaces to be coated must be clean, dry, free from dust, oils, fats and other anti-adhesive components.
BarySkin® V608M is applied on the material and application by the putty method.
Although the material adheres perfectly to the commercially available primers, we recommend that you first make an adhesion test on primed sheet metal.
A direct coating on freshly sandblasted surfaces (Sa 2½ - SIS standard) is possible and recommended.
During processing moisture must be excluded during the curing time.

Processing temperature
Between +5 °C and +35 °C

Exact mixing ratio is important!
Component A must be mixed intensively in the specified ratio with component B (weight proportions 10:1) immediately before use until a homogeneous, streak-free color tone is reached.
The mixing can be done by hand or for larger quantities with a suitable stirrer.
Unstirred material does not harden.
Note the edge zones in the mixing bowl, possibly repot the material after stirring and stir again.
After mixing, the material is ready to use.

Potlife/interval time
(approximate) 30 min / 7 days

Please note!

  • It is advisable to keep the amounts low in volume.
  • Processing takes about 30 minutes at +20 °C.
  • For larger quantities and higher ambient air temperature, this time is reduced.
  • The material should not be processed at temperatures below +5 °C.
  • As personal protective equipment, we recommend wearing gloves and safety goggles when working with BarySkin® V608M.
  • Equipment used must be cleaned with PUR-Cleaner or similar solvents immediately after use.
  • Used paint spots are to be cleaned immediately or wiped off.
  • Further information can be found in the EC safety data sheets.

Storage conditions

Dry between 15 - 20 °C. Protect against frost and blazing sun!
Max storage time: 24 months in unopened original package

Delivery forms

The material is available in bundles separately from 5.5 kg and 11 kg of total quantity, components A and B in the correct mixing proportion packaged.

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