EPP moulded parts

EPP boards and moulded parts in various designs, individually cut-to-size and assembled: best for heat insulation and sound absorption (sound protection) or also as high-quality packaging.

Our offering

  • Individual dimensions and customisations of EPP boards and moulded parts
  • Tool-specific moulded parts
  • Assembly
  • Various densities available
  • Closed-cell expanded polypropylene foam (EPP)
  • Customized material developments
  • Various thicknesses, colours and surface laminations
  • Recyclable material
  • Short and on-time delivery
  • Qualified advice


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S 3507a/...-SW... S 3507a/...-SW...

Closed-cell expanded polypropylene-foam (EPP), colour black, heat resistant up to 100 °C

S 3507a/...-AS S 3507a/...-AS

Closed-cell expanded polypropylene-foam (EPP), with a slip-resistant surface made of glass fibre reinforced polyester resin with anti-slip grain, heat resistant up to  80 °C

Qualities & Benefits

Due to its unique property profile the physically foamed propylene is the ideal material for many applications.


EPP plastics are characterised by a high structural capacity and a high load capacity along with a high strength-weight relation. The material is convincing by its high impact strength or rather its viscoplastic conduct so that EPP even resists heavy loads.

Heat insulation

Expanded polypropylene protects products sensitive to heat or cold against exterior impacts of temperature. Due to EPP, special geometries can be realised, so that exact moulded parts for optimum insulation e.g. of fittings can be manufactured. So the material is perfectly suited for heating and air-conditioning technologies.

Sound protection

EPP improves the acoustic properties by dampening sounds at a minimum weight. The material is appropriate for self-supporting enclosures.


EPP is an eco-friendly „green“ material and is completely recyclable. In assembling our EPP we do without environmentally harmful substances.

Chemical resistances

Expanded polypropylene is resistant to oils, greases, to most chemicals and water (hydrolyse). Additionally, the material is resistant to bacteria and inhibits their growth.


Example for a possible realisation of a complex EPP moulded part.
Example for a possible realisation of a complex EPP moulded part.
  • Heat-insulating claddings
  • Protection components in vehicles
  • Packagings for high-quality products
  • Insulating transport boxes
  • Case trays
  • Insulation of fittings in heating and air-conditioning technology
  • Sound protection enclosures

Our service: individual assembly of EPP

As a partner of the industry we will always provide our customers with an extensive service. Planning, dimensions, assembly and delivery: you will receive the whole process chain of services from a single source. That saves time and increases efficiency.

Due to waterjet cutting and milling technology we are able to precisely assemble materials made of EPP with special geometries. Even small to medium size units are possible.

You require an individual material development based on EPP? We like to advise you according to your planned project and we will work together with you on the individual development of the material to match your specific application.

On demand we will send you samples of our EPP material.

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