Bitumen heavy foils for soundproofing

Bitumen heavy foils in various designs, individually cut-to-size and customized: Best for structure-borne sound insulation (technical sound deadening).

Our offering

  • Individual dimensions and customizations of bitumen heavy foils
  • Fabrication
  • Heavy foils based on bitumen
  • Customized material development
  • Various surface laminations
  • Self-adhesive or not adhesive
  • High-quality adhesive system based on acrylate
  • Short and on-time delivery
  • Qualified advice


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Our product selection of bitumen heavy foils

Sonit® BS Sonit® BS

Heavy foil based on bitumen without a carrier, filled with minerals, as a cover layer a polyethylene (HDPE) foil is applied, self-adhesive equipment, heat resistant up to 100 °C 

Sonit® BS ALU Sonit® BS ALU

 A heavy foil based on bitumen without a carrier, filled with minerals, as a cover layer a stamped aluminium composite is applied, self-adhesive equipment, heat resistant up to 80 °C 

Sonit® BS VL Sonit® BS VL

A heavy, flexible foil based on bitumen without a carrier, filled with minerals, laminated with a polypropylene (PP) fleece, self-adhesive equipment, heat resistant up to 80 °C 

S 3600/...-L/SW S 3600/...-L/SW

A bitumen heavy foil, surface laminated with a PVC-artificial leather, colour black, similar RAL 9011, self-adhesive,  heat resistant up to 90 °C 

M 1019 M 1019

A heavy foil based on bitumen, both sides laminated with glass fibre mats, the surface is covered with a stamped aluminium foil, self-adhesive equipment, heat resistant up to 250 °C 

Qualities & Benefits

  • Good structure-borne sound insulation (technical sound deadening)
  • Good price / performance ratio
  • Self-adhesive with high quality adhesive system


  • Body and vehicle construction
  • Domestic appliances
  • Shipbuilding
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Partitions
  • Air ducts
  • Soundproof doors
  • Encapsulation of noise
  • Interior panelling
  • Plant engineering

Our service: individual fabrication of bitumen heavy foils

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As a partner of the industry we will always provide our customers with an extensive service. Planning, cut-to-size designs, fabrication and delivery: you will receive the whole process chain of services from one source. That saves time and increases efficiency.

Due to waterjet cutting and milling technology we are able to precisely assemble materials made of bitumen heavy foils with special geometries. Even small to medium lot sizes are possible.

You require an individual material development based on bitumen heavy foils? We like to advise you according to your planned project and we will work together with you on the individual development of the material to match your specific application.

On demand we will send you samples of our bitumen heavy foils.

Any queries regarding this product? Then contact us using this form or call:

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We will be happy to advise.