Structure-borne sound insulation

Structure-borne sound is created by the transfer of airborne sound to sound-reflecting surfaces or when two solid bodies meet. Wherever flow noises, for example in water or heating pipes, or machine vibrations are passed on, effective structure-borne sound insulation is of great importance. Here, cushioning insulating materials of various types are interposed to limit the propagation of airborne and structure-borne sound.

Good structure-borne sound insulation attempts to prevent the body from vibrating in advance. This is achieved, for example, with the help of composite foams or insulation boards. The required properties of these materials depend, among other things, on the frequency and volume of the vibrations.


Our materials for Structure-borne sound insulation:

Weight kg/m²
M 213 M 213 Wool felt (bitumen impregnated) approx. 1.2 - 1.9
M 216/2 M 216/2 Wool felt (bitumen impregnated), surface coarse-grained aluminium foil approx. 2.12
M 692b/2 M 692b/2 Wool felt (bituminous) approx. 2.2
M 1019 M 1019 Bitumen heavy foil, both sides laminated with glass fibre mats, surface imprinted aluminium foil approx. 9.76
M 1721 M 1721 EVA-heavy foil approx. 2.5 - 6.0
M 2062a FG 6.4 M 2062a FG 6.4 TPO-foil, laminated on a polyester fleece approx. 6.4
S 3400/2.9 S 3400/2.9 Plastic heavy foil based on polymer approx. 4.3
S 3403a S 3403a Plastic heavy foil, partly one side covered with jute textile approx. 7.5 - 24.0
S 3404/3.3 remaining stock (see alternative S 3406) S 3404/3.3 remaining stock (see alternative S 3406) Bitumen free heavy foil approx. 8.0
S 3406 (self-adhesive / not adhesive) S 3406 (self-adhesive / not adhesive) Plastic heavy foil approx. 3.5 - 10.0
S 3615/4 (self-adhesive / not adhesive) S 3615/4 (self-adhesive / not adhesive) PE-foam-heavy foil (flexible) approx. 1.9
Sonit® Alu/Butyl 1.6 Sonit® Alu/Butyl 1.6 Damping mass made of butyl rubber, surface aluminium foil approx. 2.75
Sonit® BS Sonit® BS Bitumen heavy foil, surface PE-foil approx. 3.0 - 12.0
Sonit® BS ALU Sonit® BS ALU Bitumen heavy foil, surface imprinted aluminium composite approx. 3.0 - 11.0
Sonit® BS VL Sonit® BS VL Bitumen heavy foil, laminated with a PP-fleece approx. 3.7 - 6.0
Bary-X2®/-a Bary-X2®/-a Plastic heavy foil, partly lined with jute textile approx. 8.0 - 24.0