Sealing plates

To seal screw and flange connections

Our offering

  • Sealing plates of high quality made of different materials, for example: FKM, EPDM, NBR, EVM
  • DIN standards
  • Many resistances
  • Starting from one piece
  • Individual cut
  • High Quality

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Sealing plates to seal screw and flange connections

A sealing plate acts as a washer transferring the existing preload forces to a larger surface. Also, it is  a low-wear seal protective against the unwelcome intrusion of dirt and humidity. The resulting connection shows a highly dynamic stability. Steinbach AG provides you with sealing plates of high quality made of different materials in most diverse sizes manufactured according to DIN standards.

Qualities and benefits

Sealing plates are connecting elements of high quality ensuring a reliable sealing and equally improving the lasting dynamic stability of the connection.

  • pre-finished seals of high quality
  • increase of the dynamic stability
  • abrasion-resistant
  • low-wear
  • highly resilient
  • flexibly usable
  • available in individual measures
  • installation-friendly

Condition and available materials

Sealing plates consist of a metal plate on which a flat sealing ring is vulcanized. For that, elastomers are used, their material characteristics mainly depend on the ambiant medium and the temperature. Elastomers are elastic, stable plastics. That means that after a deformation they return to their initial state.

Potentially available qualities of elastomers


We use vulcanized caoutchouc like for example fluorinated rubber (FKM), ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM), acrylonitile butadiene rubber (NBR) and ethylene vinyl acetate rubber (EVM). Vulcanized caoutchouc is equally called rubber. EPDM for example disposes of a high ozone resistance, elasticity, weather resistance, a good thermal stability as well as a good chemical stability against acids and alkalis. FKM also is thermally and chemically resistant against acids, yet in addition resistant against oil, diesel, petrol and fire.

Sponge rubber:

Rubber with mainly closed pores is called sponge rubber. It is abrasion-resistant and depending on the compound disposes of a high flame retardancy as well as oil, temperature and ageing resistance.


Silicones are a group of synthetic polymeres based on a basis of silicone atoms linked to oxygen atoms. In general, silicones are physiologically harmless, heat-resistant, hydrophobic and dielectric.

Areas of application

Our sealing plates are used for example in mechanical engineering, in the brake and fuel systems of the automobile industry, in engine sensor systems as well as in hydraulic systems and pneumatics.

Steinbach AG: sealing plates of individual cut

We manufacture sealing plates in different sizes and of different materials. Do you require an individual cut? That is possible, of course, as it is part of our excellent service. You will receive the precisely manufactured sealing plates already from 1 item onward. Please send your request for an offer of an individual cut this very day. Whether by contact form, e-mail or telephone – we are looking forward to being of service to you!

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