Plate and rolled goods

Seals and stamped parts as plate and rolled goods in different measures

Our offering

  • Rolled and plate goods in a length of 1000 to 10000 mm
  • Material thicknesses from 0.5 to 6 mm
  • Large-format geometries customer-specifically
  • Different materials, for example: FKM, Silicone, NR, NBR, EPDM, CR
  • From quantity 1 up to series production
  • Individual cuttings
  • High Quality

Dichtungen Rollen- und Plattenware
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Seals and stamped parts as plate and rolled goods in different measures

Whether in aircraft or vehicle industry, in plant and machine engineering or in electrical engineering and energy technology, seals and stamped parts are used everywhere. Contrary to all efforts aimed at miniaturisation in many areas, an increasing demand for large seals is obvious. To eliminate constructional weak points seamless components are necessary which Steinbach AG produces in high precision. 

Available measures of seals and stamped parts

We deliver rolled and plate goods in a length of 1000 to 10000 mm. The possible material thickness is 0.5 to 6 mm. Seamless working widths are available from 1000 mm to 3200 mm depending on the material.We also produce individual cuttings and stamped parts for you on demand.

Large seals and stamped parts at a working width of 3200 mm are a speciality of Steinbach AG and so far unique within Europe!

Benefits of large formats of seals and stamped parts

Due to increasing requirements in the industry it often happens that because of their immense size components have to be manufactured from several elements. Here, of course, it is obvious that the constructive weak points of seals have to be eliminated. With seals and stamped parts in large and oversized formats the seamless manufacturing of sealings is possible. With oversized components less seams are necessary and so the risk of weak points in the seals decreases.

Materials we can use for large formats of stamped parts and seals

Elastomers available for our rolled and plate goods:

•    FKM
•    Silicone, for example MQV
•    EPDM
•    EVM
•    NR
•    CR
•    NBR

For some of the sealing materials we can deliver a self-adhesive foil which we apply on one side of the respective seals upon request. That makes it easier for you to install the seal on the intended place.

Areas of application

Large seals and oversized stamped parts are used in many industrial sectors, for example in:

  • shipbuilding
  • mechanical and plant engineering industry
  • pipeline construction
  • pump construction
  • aircraft construction

Steinbach AG: your professional partner for individual cutting of sealing plates, rolled goods and large seals

By means of a pure-water cutting machinery and plotters we can realise large-format geometries customer-specifically and we will gladly meet your requirements. Moreover, we continously work on new compounds to enlarge our portfolio of materials for special needs of our customers. Just send your request. We are always looking forward to new challenges.


Any queries regarding this product?

Then contact us using this form or call:

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We will be happy to advise.