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Steinbach AG and KED-Seals GmbH agree on cooperation

(Detmold/Steinbach, January 19, 2021)

“It was a perfect match," confirms Horst Dittmann, previously sole managing director of KED-Seals GmbH, headquartered in Steinbach, Hesse. "We were looking for a partner who wanted to be part of our further growth and who, together with KED-Seals, could shape innovative sealing technology for the future and also bring it to new markets internationally. With Steinbach AG, our expectations have been exceed. We are very pleased to have found a partner here who not only ideally expands our product portfolio, especially in the area of flat gaskets, but also complements our sales channels. The structure of the Steinbach family business also fits us very well. We are really proud of this partnership!"

"We look forward to future cooperation with KED-Seals, which is a flexible and quick-reacting company that operates closely with its customers," said CEO Volker Steinbach. "In the 13 years since the company was founded in 2008, KED-Seals has developed new and innovative products with a high quality standard. With the experience and expertise in sealing technology, we are expanding our extensive portfolio," added Samuel Steinbach, who has been responsible for the Sealing Technology division at Steinbach AG since 2020.

Steinbach AG is part of the Steinbach Group and, in addition to Detmold and Ulm, has sites in Shanghai, Charlotte (USA), Taipei and Brisbane. With KED-Seals in Aberdeen, Scotland, the international business is being further expanded. The Steinbach Group has been a partner to industry for many decades and can now look back on almost 100 years of company history. Major industrial customers from all over the world appreciate the wide range of products, state-of-the-art production facilities and customer-oriented service.

KED-Seals is a seals and materials technology company with locations near Frankfurt am Main, Germany and Aberdeen, Scotland. KED-Seals specialises in the design, development and supply of high-performance seals, elastomer and thermoplastic products for all industries, including in particular the oil and gas industry. The portfolio includes elastomers and high-performance plastics, elastomer-metal compounds, composites, low-friction coatings and complementary products.

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