Silicone seals

For plates and seals in the toy, pharmaceutical and sanitary industry

Our offering

  • Low-wear seals and membranes out of silicone according to DIN standards
  • Quality seals, moulded parts, membranes out of silicone
  • Plate or rolled goods
  • Seamless XXL format
  • Individual cut
  • From quantity 1 up to series production
  • High Quality

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Our available silicone-materials

A-SU 60-79


Technical Data Sheet


  • MVQ (Silicone-rubber)
  • Extremly high elongation 
  • Translucent
  • Peroxide cured


A-SU 60-79 (Silicone)

Delivery forms

The material is available in rolls!
Length10 m
Width1.500 mm1.600 mm1.660 mm
Thickness1 mm1.5 mm2 mm3 mm5 mm
Other sizes and cut-to-size pieces upon request.

A-SU 62-80


Technical Data Sheet


  • MVQ (silicone quality)
  • PAH free according AfPS GS 2014: category 1
  • Not post-cured
  • Peroxide cured
  • Heat stabilized
  • Short time temperature resistant to +220 °C


A-SU 62-80 (Silicone)

Delivery forms

The material is available in rolls.
Lengthmax. 21 m
Widthup to 3,000 mm
Thickness3 mm
Other sizes and cut-to-size pieces upon request.


Silicones are a group of synthetic polymers in which silicon atoms are linked to oxygen atoms. They are characterized by excellent mechanical properties and a good temperature resistance. As they are not harmful to health, they are commonly used in the food industry. Steinbach AG produces, for example, low-wear seals and membranes made of silicone according to DIN standards.


Sealing materials made of silicone are resistant to water, biogas and biodiesel. Furthermore, silicone  is dielectric, temperature-resistant and physiologically harmless.


  • not harmful to health
  • heat-resistant
  • water-resistant
  • resistant to biodiesel and biogas
  • dielectric
  • suitable for low-wear seals

Range of use and areas of applications

Typical applications for silicone are hoses, seals and membranes in the fields of application of pneumatics/hydraulics, household appliance, sanitary, pharmaceutical and toy industry as well as in vehicle construction. Due to its biocompatibility, mechanical properties and its high temperature resistance, silicone is outstandingly suitable as a material for seals in food facilities, for medical devices and for the use in transportation.

Our available formats of silicone

We deliver quality seals, moulded parts, membranes, as well as individual waterjet cuttings and rolled and plate goods made of silicone. Moreover, we are able to deliver a seamless XXL format. Our products are available starting already at a quantity of 1 piece. In most cases that is not possible  with other suppliers. If you want to use our special service, please call us or send us an e-mail. We are looking forward to being of service for you!

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