Silicone rubber MVQ/VMQ

For seals in the food industry and in medical technology

Our offering

  • Moulded parts and seals out of MVQ A-SU 60-79 according to DIN standard
  • Silicone rubber (MVQ/VMQ) based on methyl, vinyl and silicone
  • Plate or rolled goods
  • Individual cut
  • From quantity 1 up to series production
  • High Quality

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Our available materials for Silicone rubber MVQ/VMQ

A-SU 60-79


Technical Data Sheet


  • MVQ (Silicone-rubber)
  • Extremly high elongation 
  • Translucent
  • Peroxide cured


A-SU 60-79 (Silicone)

Delivery forms

The material is available in rolls!
Length10 m
Width1.500 mm1.600 mm1.660 mm
Thickness1 mm1.5 mm2 mm3 mm5 mm
Other sizes and cut-to-size pieces upon request.


Silicone rubber (MVQ/VMQ) is peroxidically cross-linked and is based on methyl, vinyl and silicone. It shows an excellent temperature resistance and is an outstanding material for O-rings. Steinbach AG manufactures, for example, moulded parts out of MVQ A-SU 60-79 according to DIN standard, which, among others, are well suited for use in the food industry and in the medical technology.


MVQ silicone rubber is translucent, flexible, resistant to ozone, light and weather conditions as well as to low temperatures and heat, but not to steam and hot water. Additionally, it has an insulating effect. Yet, it disposes of moderate mechanical properties. In return, it is free of taste and smell as well as physiologically and toxically harmless.


  • ideally suited for low-wear seals
  • physiologically and toxically harmless
  • electrically insulating
  • free of taste
  • free of smell
  • translucent
  • ozone-resistant
  • weather and light-resistant
  • flexible
  • low-temperature-resistant
  • heat-resistant, except of hot steam and hot water

Range of use and areas of application

Silicone rubber is a preferred material for electric insulators as well as for O-rings, moulded parts and flat seals in the food sector, in medical technology and in the area of pneumatics/hydraulics.

Our available formats for silicone rubber MVQ

We will provide you with MVQ as rolled and plate goods, first-class quality seals in usual sizes and also as waterjet cutting in individual sizes. Contrary to most other suppliers we deliver starting already at a quantity of 1 piece. Please use our excellent service and call us. Equally we are looking forward to getting in touch with you by e-mail or contact form.

Any queries regarding this product?

Then contact us using this form or call:

+49 5231 9607-20

We will be happy to advise.