SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) seals

For insulating mats and more

Our offering

  • High-performance insulating mats made of the rubber compound NR/SBR according to DIN standard VDE 0303 part 21
  • Self-extinguishing mats according to FMVSS 302
  • Individual waterjet cutting
  • Plate or rolled goods
  • From quantity 1 up to series production
  • High Quality

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Our available SBR-materials

A-BX 78-83 (SBR)


Technical Data Sheet


  • Insulating mat NR / SBR (natural-rubber / styrene-butadiene rubber) attested VDE 0303-21
  • Surface fluted, rear side fabric structure
  • Electrical strength up to 14,4 kV/mm (> 50 kV/4mm)
  • Self-extinguishing according to FMVSS 302 > 3 mm thickness
  • Non staining to varnishes
  • Nitrosamine free


A-BX 78-83 (SBR)

Delivery forms

The material is available in rolls.
Length1,000 mm5,000 mm10,000 mm
Width1,000 mm1,200 mm
Thickness4.5 mm
Other sizes and cut-to-size pieces upon request.


Styrene butadiene rubber, equally called SBR rubber, is an elastomer often being declared as an all-purpose synthesis rubber. The combination of SBR and natural rubber (NR) results in high performance SBR qualities. Steinbach AG, for example, produces high-performance insulating mats made of the rubber compound NR/SBR according to DIN standard VDE 0303 part 21. Already at a thickness of 3mm the material acts self-extinguishing according to FMVSS 302.


Styrene butadiene rubber is resistant to low temperatures and fire and disposes of an even better abrasion resistance than NR. However, it is not resistant to mineral oils and greases and less elastic than NR. Like NR, styrene butadiene rubber is an excellent electrically insulating material.


Range of use and areas of applications

Typical applications for styrene butadiene rubber are insulating mats for transformer stations, control cabinets and control rooms. The material is even used in the tyre industry where it is mainly applied for the running surfaces of tyres. Furthermore, elastic moulded parts are manufactured out of it, for example shock-absorbing rubber buffers, spring elements and engine mounts. Due to its high wear resistance styrene butadiene rubber is preferably used for assembly lines in the manufacturing industry.

Our available formats of styrene butadiene rubber

We deliver styrene butadiene rubber as plate and rolled goods and as individual cut on demand. Due to our modern waterjet cutting machinery, complex geometries are possible as well. We will manufacture our goods for you starting already at a quantity of 1 piece. Please use our expertise for your individual requirements.

Any queries regarding this product?

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Frequently asked questions about SBR

What does SBR mean?

SBR stands for styrene-butadiene rubber and is one of the synthetic rubbers.