Natural rubber (NR) seals

For pneumatic and hydraulic applications

Our offering

  • Seals, stamped and moulded parts out of natural rubber (NR)
  • Individual waterjet cutting
  • Plate or rolled goods
  • XXL widths up to 3200 mm
  • Individual cut
  • Starting from 1 piece
  • High Quality

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Natural rubber (NR) is one of the major items among the elastomers. In the form of rubber (NR) shows a high abrasion resistance as well as good mechanical and insulating properties. Therefore it is used, for example, for technical products and flat seals in the area of hydraulics and pneumatics.


Natural rubber (NR) shows excellent dynamic properties and disposes of a very high elasticity, low-temperature flexibility and tensile strength. Also, due to its mechanical properties like strength, elongation at break and impact resilience, the material is on top within the group of elastomers. Moreover, it is temperature-resistant and highly low-wear. Yet, it has no resistance to greases and mineral oils and its resistance to ageing, ozone and UV light is rather unsatisfying.


  • high abrasion resistance
  • temperature-resistant
  • insulating
  • good mechanical properties
  • high tensile strength
  • very elastic
  • flexible at low temperatures
  • well suited for low-wear seals

Range of use and areas of applications

Typical applications for natural rubber (NR) are flat seals and hoses for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Also, the elastomer is used for insulations, tyres (mostly for truck tyres), technical products of all kind, conveyor belts, moulded parts, rubber metal spring elements, high-strength thin-walled products and buffers.

Our available formats for natural rubber (NR)

At our company natural rubber (NR) is available as rolled and plate goods, as flat seals in standard sizes and as individual waterjet cutting, even in XXL widths up to 3200 mm. We are ready to deliver starting already at a quantity of 1 piece and thereby set ourselves apart from other suppliers not or just rarely offering such a service. Benefit from our expertise and call us. You may also get into contact by e-mail or by our contact form.

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