Foam rubber seals

Manufactured from EPDM in foamed quality with excellent sealing properties, e.g. as an insulation material in machine, vehicle, apparatus and plant construction.

Our offering

  • Weatherproof quality seals and moulded parts made of foam rubber, for example foam rubber flat seals
  • Manufactured according to the European DIN standard
  • Different resistances
  • Sheets and rolls
  • Foam rubber in raw block format
  • From quantity 1 up to series production
  • Individual dimensions and customised sizes
  • Highest quality

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Our available foam rubber materials

Cellular rubber EPDM 4216 / S-115


  • Polymer base: EPDM
  • Silicone-free
  • Good mechanical strength and resistance to ageing
  • Strong corrosion on copper and silver - without staining in the varnish difference test


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Delivery forms

The material is available in raw block format.
Length2,000 mm
Width1,000 mm
Thickness60 mm
Other dimensions and customised sizes on request.


The foam rubber seal made of EPDM in foamed quality has excellent sealing properties. It is light, waterproof, self-adhesive and very elastic. The material has a dense outer skin, even though its core is predominantly of a closed-cell construction. It is also distinguished by its high resistance to acids, alkalis, heat, ozone and light.

Foam rubber profiles are used, for example, as flat seals for insulation in plant and vehicle construction and as window seals and door seals.

We provide foam rubber seals, for example, in raw block format, individually customised, as a square seal, sealing tape and in metre rolls from 1 unit.


Due to its excellent plasticity, our foam rubber seal guarantees high compressive elasticity and long-lasting flexibility. Even under slight pressure, it clings firmly to the surrounding surface and seals it off.

Depending on the design, our foam rubber materials can withstand temperatures from 40° C to around 90° C. They also demonstrate good resistance to heat, signs of ageing, ozone, light, weathering, alkalis and acids. They are antistatic, flexible at low temperatures, provide effective insulation and have a good tensile strength. They withstand water up to a temperature of approx. 100° C.

Our quality management at Steinbach AG ensures we always deliver consistent quality.


  • Waterproof
  • Self-adhesive
  • Isolating
  • Very elastic
  • Very light
  • Antistatic
  • Resistant to acids, ozone, light and alkalis
  • Resistant to ageing and weather
  • Water-resistant up to 100° C
  • Excellent sealing and damping properties
  • Consistent quality

Areas of use and application

Our foam rubber seal is mainly used as an insulation material in machine, vehicle, apparatus and plant construction. For example, foam rubber seals are used to insulate windows and doors.

Our available formats

You can obtain foam rubber seals from us as flat seals, square seals, as well as sheets and rolls by the metre. The rubber seals are also available as an individual water jet cut and seamless XXL format. We are happy to assemble high-precision individual geometries for you, such as round, square and other shapes.

We deliver from just 1 unit.

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