FKM seals

For seals in the area of pneumatics and hydraulics in aerospace

Our offering

  • FKM quality seals according to Siemens standard SN 53145-1
  • Plate or rolled goods
  • Seamless XXL format
  • Individual cut
  • Starting from 1 piece
  • High Quality

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Our available FKM-material

A-VF 75-00


Technical Data Sheet


  • FKM material (fluor-rubber), bisphenolic cured
  • Fluorine content 66 %
  • Complies with SN (Siemens regulation) 53145-1


A-VF 75-00 (FKM)

Delivery forms

The material is available in rolls!
Length1,000 mm5,000 mm10,000 mm
Width1,400 mm
Thickness1 mm2 mm3 mm
Other sizes and cut-to-size pieces upon request.


The fluorinated rubber compound FKM is a synthetic elastomer made by polymerisation of vinylidene fluoride and other fluoride monomers. The material is highly temperature-resistant and disposes of a high chemical stability. It is preferably used for flat seals. The fluorinated rubber compound A-VF 75-00 applied by Steinbach AG for FKM plates, for example, is bisphenolicly cross-linked and contains approx. 66% of fluorine. So the plates comply with the Siemens standard SN 53145-1.


FKM rubber is antistatic, very abrasion-resistant and especially resistant to heat, ozone, weather conditions, light, transformer oil, biogas, oil, diesel, petrol and acids. Furthermore, FKM disposes of a good flame resistance. The resistances improve with the increasing fluorine content. However, the low-temperature flexibility decreases with increasing content of fluorine.


  • very low-wear
  • high abrasion resistance
  • resistant to diesel and petrol
  • resistant to ozone, light and weather conditions
  • acid and oil-resistant
  • resistant to transformer oil
  • flame-resistant
  • heat-resistant
  • antistatic properties

Range of use and areas of application

Typical applications for fluorinated elastomers are low-wear seals, cable insulations, moulded parts, protective gloves and chemically-resistant universal hoses for the automobile and aerospace industry.

Our available formats for FKM A-VF 75-00 according to Siemens standard SN 53145-1

In our company FKM A-VF 75-00 is available in the form of rolled goods, plate goods, quality seals, moulded parts and individual waterjet cutting. We will be glad to deliver a seamless XXL format out of FKM for you on request. Please use our excellent service as we already deliver starting at a quantity of 1 piece.

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