Fibre seals made from vulcanized fibre

For sealing threads in pipeline, plant and machine construction

Our offering

  • High quality seals made of vulcanized fibre 
  • Flat seals, round seals and square seals made of vulcanized fibre 
  • Sealing rings according to DIN 7603 
  • Sheet goods 
  • From quantity 1 up to series production
  • Individual dimensions and customised sizes 
  • Different resistances 
  • Highest quality 

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Our available vulcanized fibre materials

Vulcanized fibre SE red, hard

Technical Data Sheet

Vulcanized fibre SE red, hard


  • petrol resistant
  • temperature resistant
  • high flash point 
  • good electrical insulation 
  • antistatic 

Delivery forms

The material is available in plate goods.
Lengthup to 500 mm
Widthup to 500 mm
Thickness0.5 mm / 1 mm / 1.5 mm / 2 mm
Other sizes and cut-to-size pieces upon request.

Vulcanized fibre seals - precise sealing 

The vulcanized fibre seal, also often referred to as fibre seal, consists of a hard, non-splintering composite material based on cellulose. Paper fibres are used as the raw material for the production of vulcanized fibre, which makes the vulcanized fibre sealing rings very sustainable. The fibre seal material is a gasoline-resistant seal, has high mechanical strength and good electrical insulation. In addition, the light, easily malleable, elastic and yet hard fibre material is antistatic and insensitive to diluted alkalis, acids, fats and oils. Sealing rings made of vulcanized fibre are used, for example, in heating, sanitary and drinking water installations, solar technology, the automotive industry and in plant and mechanical engineering. 

You can get the fibre seals from us, for example in the form of sheets, as individual water jet cuts or as vulcanized fibre sealing rings according to DIN 7603. We deliver in high quality from a quantity of 1.


Our fibre seal is petrol-resistant, easy to shape, antistatic, insensitive to oils, fats, diluted acids and alkalis. It is very temperature-resistant and is not affected even at extremely low temperatures. In addition, it has a flash point of approx. 300 °C and hot water resistance up to a maximum of 105 °C. The vulcanized fibre seal is also characterized by its low weight, high mechanical strength, good electrical insulation, good elasticity and high stability

Thanks to our meticulous quality management, we always deliver consistent quality. 


  • predestined for low-wear seals
  • resistant to propane and butane
  • resistant to animal and vegetable oils and greases
  • resistant to hot water up to a maximum of 80 °C
  • resistant to silicone oils, silicone greases, diluted alkaline solutions and acids
  • resistant to mineral oils and fuels
  • high abrasion resistance and tensile strength
  • low permanent deformation
  • petrol resistant 
  • temperature resistant
  • sealing
  • electrically insulating
  • antistatic
  • very stable and firm
  • sehr elastisch 
  • einfach formbar 
  • unempfindlich gegen Öle, Fette, verdünnte Säuren und Laugen 
  • geringes Gewicht 
  • leicht einzubauen 

Areas of use and application 

Our petrol-resistant fibre seals are mainly used to seal threads in apparatus, pipeline, plant and machine construction, in heating, sanitary and drinking water installations as well as in the automotive industry and solar technology. They are suitable, for example, as hot water seals, for sealing against liquid and gaseous substances, for sealing threads in pipelines such as fittings, pipe screw connections, water taps or strangulation valves. They can be used just as well for screw connections, for example screw plugs, as seals for fuel tanks and as seals for connections from pressure reducers to gas cylinders, for example to oxygen cylinders for oxy-fuel welding.

Our available formats

Our fibre seal range is available in the available material version vulcanized fibre SE red, hard. The fibre seal is available as sheet material with maximum dimensions of 500 mm x 500 mm, as a flat seal, as a square seal and as an individual water jet cut in thicknesses of 0.5 mm, 1 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm. We supply you with our fibre seals from a quantity of 1 unit. Benefit from the excellent properties of our vulcanized fibre seals.

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