Some frequently asked questions about gaskets

Do you have questions regarding our gaskets and stamped parts?

Please find the most frequent questions we receive listed below to give you a quick response:

Any queries regarding this product?Then contact us using this form or call:Technische Dichtungen+49 5231 9607-20We will be happy to advise.


Do you also deliver to private customers?

We also deliver seals to private customers against payment in advance without any discount.

What are the minimum purchase quantities?

We deliver from 1 piece.

How can I order?

Please send your order to info-td(at)

Where can I find a price list?

Due to the diversity of our portfolio and the individual requirements, there is no general price list for seals. Please use our contact form for your inquiry.

What's the hottest temperature you can deliver?

In our range, we have the material Isoplan ®750, which is resistant up to 750°C.

When do I use silicone, EPDM or NBR?

It is wise to use silicone at high temperatures and with weather resistance.
EPDM should be used if weather resistance is required.
NBR should be used when oil resistance is required.

Where can I find data sheets?

Please request data sheets at info-td(at)

How long will my seal last?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question as the service life of a seal always depends on the intended use and stress.

Do your products contain dangerous substances?

We strictly adhere to the legal requirements in the processing and production of our products. All Steinbach AG products are REACH and ROHS compliant.

Do you supply adhesive to permanently bond gaskets?

No. We offer seals with a self-adhesive film, which only serves as an assembly aid.

Which drawing format do you need for an order?

We need drawings in dxf. format and/or pdf. format.

How are the seals made?

We manufacture by water jet, plotter or as punched parts.

Any queries regarding this product?

Then contact us using this form or call:

+49 5231 9607-20

We will be happy to advise.