Gaskets and Stamped Parts

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More than just gaskets. Expertise from one source!

Be it mechanical and plant engineering, automotive and aircraft manufacturing, or energy and electrical engineering: our gaskets, stampings and water-jet cut parts are everywhere, moulded into the required shape and exposed to different stresses and conditions.
Working in partnership with our customers enables today to offer an even wider range of products and services. A diverse portfolio of materials, state-of-the-art production facilities, the fastest delivery times and exceptional quality and schedule efficiency along with a customer-oriented service are the primary factors ensuring our constantly growing success.
Where cutting and stamping reach their limit, creativity is the key for the mould maker. It allows us to produce sealing material of (almost) any shape and form.

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Material diversity, innovation, and modern technology.

Next to an extensive range of high-quality materials, we excel in customised production even of small batches.
And for larger dimensions, our ultramodern 3D pure water-jet cutting plant with a cutting surface of 3,000 x 4,000mm enables us to manufacture large-format precision cuts used for aspects such as motor vehicle, boat and aircraft interiors.
A further clear advantage of water-jet cutting is the fact that computer-aided design (CAD) makes it quick and easy for us to allow for subsequent changes to the tool geometries.
Stamped parts and cuts often need to be fitted in a specific position.
Our materials are coated and finished with self-adhesive foil so they can be attached precisely where insulation and protection are needed.

Material examples:

Gasket sheets Non-asbestos materials (e.g. Centellen)
Klingersil E P D M Felt
CorkPlasticsSponge rubber
Natural rubberNeopreneBoard
Foam rubberTeflon/PTFEViton®
VulkollanCellular rubber