Vacuum bags for bonding of wood components

Vacuum bags made of high-quality and flexible silicone for professional manufacturing in the vacuum bagging process for bonding and veneering of wood components.

Our silicone bags are a cost-effective alternative to conventional vacuum presses, membrane presses or veneer presses.

Vacuum bag for gluing and veneering wooden elements

Our offering

  • Vacuum bags made of highly elastic silicone
  • Individual sizes possible
  • Made up with special double seam
  • Simple clip lock
  • Standardised valve connections for easy handling
  • Vacuum bag adapts to any desired shape, suitable even for high 3D moulded parts
  • For reusable application
  • Space-saving storage
  • Short delivery times and supply on-schedule
  • Technical support


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Due to the easy closing process of our vacuum bag and the use of elastic, tear-resistant and high-quality materials, even high 3D moulded parts can be pressed without long preparation time. The silicone bag does not leave behind any residues or discolourations on the wood element

Manufacturing process

  1. Apply glue to the support element.
  2. Place and fix the veneer exactly.
  3. Put the work piece into the vacuum bag. The U-channel and positive-locking profile frame sealing system assure an optimum vacuum.
  4. Connect and activate the pump. Within the shortest time and due to the homogenous surface pressure the work piece is evenly enclosed and fixed.
  5. After drying time release the vacuum again and take out the work piece.

To protect the vacuum bag from sharp edges and thus to assure its longevity we recommend the use of our protective cloth

Application video:

Veneer bonding in the vacuum bagging process using the vacuum bag of Steinbach AG

video vakuumsack

Areas of application

In the wood and furniture industry as well as in carpentry the vacuum bag is used in a variety of applications:

The vacuum bag is perfectly suited for veneer bonding and mould glueing, for example of curved components which can be performed precisely fitting and effectively. Additionally, the vacuum bag can be used for veneer coating and glueing on edges.

Qualities & Benefits

  • High elasticity
  • Highly durable
  • Space-saving storage
  • High temperature resistance
  • Also applicable for high 3D moulded parts
  • Rapid assembly
  • Easy handling

Producible sizes

In the standard version we manufacture the vacuum bag from high-quality transparent silicone (SILICONE 40 TRANSPARENT) 2 mm thickness in the size of 3,000 x 1,660 mm. Certainly we can just as easily manufacture to your own specifications.

Individual assembly of high-quality vacuum bags

Steinbach AG supplies high-quality vacuum bags for various applications in professional manufacturing. Besides standard sizes we produce our silicone bags according to your individual requirements as well.

Any queries regarding this product?

Then contact us using this form or call:

+49 5231 9607-41

We will be happy to advise.