Silicone membranes

Steinbach AG is your professional partner for the purchase and production of high quality silicone membranes. We have the necessary know-how and the appropriate production sites at our disposal to even manufacture oversize silicone membranes. Amongst others, our customers are medium-sized companies, especially from the fields of

Due to our manufacturing in Germany we are one of the rare suppliers of silicone membranes „Made in Germany“.

Product range

Silicone membranes from Steinbach AG

The features of our quality products from silicone


We are the only manufacturer in Europe offering seamless membranes at a width of up to 3.20 m, manufactured in Germany. All units beyond this dimension will be joined by a seam. We make our products of the thicknesses 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and 4 mm. Additionally, we enable you to make your choice of different hardness degrees with each of the four thicknesses.

Physical features

Every single silicone membrane in our product range shows a high resilience leading to a special persistence in use. Due to this quality they are generally rollable. Moreover, all products hold a heat resistance at temperatures up to at least 200°C.


Amongst others, the possible applications are the veneering of moulds, the coating of canvas covers and curved surfaces as well as the bonding of moulds. Furthermore, there are lots of other alternatives in use. Our membranes are outstandingly suitable for all current vacuum table presses.

Silicone panels, -foils and more: your benefits as customer of Steinbach AG

Due to the outstanding quality of our products our customers benefit from essential advantages. Amongst other items they enlarge the life between dressings because of longer running times of the machines due to the persistence of our quality membranes. As a result you save the costs of tedious changes of membranes accompanied by non-productive times of your staff often lasting for several hours.

Also we offer our membranes in different thicknesses from 0.5 to 4 mm as well as with texturized or even surfaces. As to this spectrum of qualities we have the suitable silicone membrane for nearly any case.


Membranes for special requirements

The Lamibran: our recommendation for the solar industry

The Lamibran is a patented silicone membrane specially manufactured for the production of photovoltaic modules. It is highly resistant to acetic acid leaking from solar panels during the manufacturing process. This fact is provided by a special covering layer with an especially even surface the silicone is charged with and cannot be removed mechanically. Your benefit: the Lamibran is much more durable than other products due to its extreme resistance.As to the widths available we can offer you 1660 to 3100 mm. Additionally, a packing beyond standard width is possible. The standard thickness of the material is 3.2 mm.

Natural rubber: flexible membrane without colour change

Steinbach AG produces premium elastomer quality membranes from natural rubber. The advantage of this membrane results from the fact of not showing any signs of contact colour changes on pressed pieces thanks to the carefully chosen ingredients we process in the membranes. Besides, your company benefits from the guaranteed durable flexibility of this product. Frequent applications are the pressing of foils and veneer as well as interior. The measurements cover a width up to 3.000 mm.The thickness is 2 mm, 3 mm or 4 mm. The two surfaces of our products from natural rubber are even on both sides.


We are looking forward to you!

You would like to order our silicone membranes? We hold all membranes of our product range on stock and can deliver to you on short terms. In case of questions to our products we like to offer you an extensive and individual consultation on-site.

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