Silicone membranes for the solar industry

The pressing of the single layers is an important step in manufacturing solar panels. To be successful, the quality of the silicone membranes in the laminator is decisive. The development of Lamibran® led to a product having excellent performance especially in the solar industry. This membrane is extremely resistant to EVA leaking during the manufacturing process.

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Renewable energy – trend 2018

Since photovoltaics were discovered for application in aeronautics, fortunately as to solar technology a lot has been proceeded for our environment even on the private and business related field. Although less subsidies and constantly increasing ordinances have slightly contained the new acquisition of solar systems, they are, even in the year 2018, still a popular technology for the access to renewable energy. For a solar system or its renovation still being economically worthwhile, a high quality of the solar panels is essential.

Optimising manufacturing processes by quality membranes

To achieve durable good results in production, the technology of pressing is essential. The outgassing during the lamination process has a decomposing effect on conventional membranes. Affected membranes in the press lead to the fact that the single layers of the solar panels cannot be joined sufficiently thus resulting in a high amount of membranes that are subject to wear.

The quality factor – economies in manufacturing

Compared to other membranes this brand is distinguished by a special covering layer on a silicone backing. Both layers cannot be separated mechanically and therefore resist tension and compressive strain in the long run. However, the major advantage of this patent-registered membrane is the high resistence of the black covering layer to outgassing during the lamination process. Relatively soon, conventional membranes are affected by leaking acetic acid and have to be replaced. Lamibran® membranes are convincingly durable, thus reducing both material costs and operational expenses due to shorter set-up times. 

Silicone membranes for solar laminators – an individual customer service

Our quality membranes Made in Germany provide you with a product that meets even high expectations. Another economising factor is our mass customisation. In addition to the standard width we offer a resizing as agreed according to your individual need. Both by the different material thicknesses of 1 mm to 4 mm and an optional surface of two even sides or even and roughened we respond to our customer´s requirements. We look forward to giving advice to you by phone – optionally on site – to achieve the best possible result for you.

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