Silicone membranes for the furniture industry

As to the coating and veneering of furniture, vacuum table presses are mostly first choice in case of delicate surfaces or complicated models. The result is significantly influenced by the quality of the silicone membrane used in the press so the suitable thickness, the fitting material and a high quality have to be observed.

For years, the silicone membranes of Steinbach AG have been used successfully in the furniture and kitchen industry and combine persistence, abrasion hardness and heat resistence in one product. So, for example, they are used for veneering of high-gloss furniture panels of kitchens and also to coat counter surfaces made of solid or ply wood with scratch-proof or water-repellent materials.

Product range

Our service for the furniture industry – silicone membranes up to 3.2 metres of width

For the industrial processing as well as in crafts enterprises it is necessary that our silicone membranes can be purchased in individual sizes, hardness grades and thicknesses of material. Therefore you are given the opportunity to purchase all our products specific to your needs. Seamless membranes of up to 3.2 metres of width are available at any time. We can also manufacture and deliver larger widths professionally.

Refining of surfaces by silicone membranes of Steinbach AG

You can veneer furniture of all kind by our specially converted membranes. They are elastic and feature a high tear resistance, a very good ultimate elongation as well as a high heat resistance. Certainly, we would like to consult you on-site.

Vacuum bags for smaller businesses and craft enterprises

Even for smaller businesses without access to a vacuum table press of their own we offer a competitive and easily available method to overlay. Our vacuum bag is perfectly suited for mould veneering and bonding, for veneer coating and the glueing of edges. Also bigger formed parts can easily be refined in small companies. Especially for flat components the vacuum bag is an ideal alternative compared to the purchase of an expensive press. Order our standard vacuum bags of 3000 x 1660 millimetres or let us convert your special size.

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