Silicone membranes for composites

Composites are materials being composed of two different qualities. They dispose of different material properties compared to their single components and they are particularly solid and firm. Usually there are two material components: a layer (matrix) of a special synthetic material and fibres like aramid, glass or carbon for reinforcement incorporated in the matrix. Geometry and material properties play a major role for the quality of the produced material. Composites are mainly used in the fields of aviation, aircraft and automobile industry as well as in boat building. For working on the composites and to convert them into different shapes the Steinbach AG silicone membranes are used as means of detaching and processing.

Product range

Qualities of our silicone membranes and vacuum bags

In addition to silicone membranes we offer you vacuum bags made of silicone. All products are extremely elastic and dispose of very good restoring qualities. Due to their high action flexibility they adapt to every shape so that the casting and the processing, for example, of fibre glass and carbon fibre reinforced materials are easily made.

Our two-parts vacuum bags, too, are special products of high flexibility. The bags with a chequered sealing edge perfectly fit flat composites. For an easy handling there is a conventional profile contact for vacuum pumps.

Our products dispose of a high tear resistance, long persistence and temperature resistance up to 200 °C. Due to their persistence they enlarge the holding time of your machines. That means by using our silicone products you can reduce your costs. Additionally, our membranes can be handled and stacked to save space.

A professional partner for boat building and automobile production as well as for aviation and aircraft

Steinbach AG disposes of an approved logistic and material know-how and therefore being able to deliver the different silicone membranes for the aviation and aircraft industry as well as for boat building and automobile production in individual measurements. Even a stockage of your preferred products is possible. We like to consult you on-site about the different products of silicone membranes. Please get into contact by e-mail or phone. We look forward to meeting you and extensively consulting you!

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