Silicone membranes for the aircraft industry

In aircraft industry components of leightweight construction are preferably needed. Many leightweight components consist of fibre composites receiving form stability by their matrix. The incorporated fibres such as carbon and glass fibres dispose of a load-bearing function. Carbon consolidated composites find high approval in aviation. They are extremely non-corrosive and resistant. Furthermore, they are 30 % more leightweight than aluminium and up to 70 % more leightweight than steel. Due to these qualities airplanes can significantly reduce their consumption of kerosine and thus emit less CO2. Among others aerofoils and airframes are manufactured from these materials having a promising future.

As to the production of leightweight components conventional technology is in common use, for example vacuum pressing and vacuum laminating. The high-quality and extremely resilient silicone membranes, vacuum bags and 3D-membranes of Steinbach AG provide an excellent service.

Product range

Qualities and advantages of our products

All our products dispose of an excellent resilience, a high temperature resistance and a persisting flexibility.Very flexible, for example, are our reusable 3D-form-membranes (vacuum cowlings). They consist of sprayable 2-component-silicone and thus can perfectly adjust to complex shapes. Yet our two-parts vacuum bags with a chequered sealing edge fit flat components. The component is inserted in the lower half of the bag. The other half featuring a conventional profile contact for vacuum pumps is attached from above. Due to this construction method it is possible to laminate large, flat leightweight components and to press under vacuum.

Flexibly applicable, too, are our very pressure persisting membranes from natural rubber. The chosen ingredients do not cause any colour changes on pressed pieces. Additionally, they are very environmentally friendly as they are produced from renewable ressources. Due to their long persistence our products enlarge the holding time of your machines and thus reduce your costs.
Moreover, our membranes can be transported and stacked to save space.

Steinbach AG: Professional logistics and material know-how for the aircraft industry

Being your professional partner we dispose of an excellent material know-how, a reliable due-time logistic as well as an outcome-oriented and customer-friendly reasoning. According to your wish we deliver membranes in individual measurements and we like to consult you extensively on-site. Even a stockage of your preferred quality membranes in our warehouse is possible. Please contact us by phone or e-mail. We look forward to getting in contact with you!

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