Silicone membranes for the automobile industry

Many of our silicone membranes are used for challenging laminating works in the automobile industry. Due to their mostly round shape, veneering of automotive construction components without a membrane press is highly difficult. As they are often produced under high temperatures and in high piece numbers, the silicone membranes within the presses have to be extremely heat and wear resistant. Just for these needs, Steinbach AG offers the best suitable membranes for veneering of dashboard panels, steering wheels and other automotive construction components.

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Advantages of our silicone membranes

Our membranes are outstanding due to an extremely high flexibility and heat resistance. So the pieces object to lamination can be used in combination with different adhesives only being enabled by high temperatures. These adhesives are especially used for dashboard panels and interior panelling being furnished for example by leather, leather substitute and fabric. Even leather is often just glued to steering wheels and so the seams, so-called fancy seams, are just for design reasons.

All our silicone membranes show a high resilience, are rollable and flexible. Thanks to the constantly high quality, laminating with our membranes is possible on long terms and without degradation.

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