Our quality products – optimally designed for the most demanding customer requirements

What we offer

We manufacture quality membranes made of high-grade materials such as silicone and natural rubber. This opens up a wide spectrum of applications in 2D and 3D pressing. Many industries such as automotive, the solar industry or the furniture industry now use membranes made by Steinbach. Membrane press manufacturers and vacuum table producers also provide their products with Steinbach membranes. Steinbach membranes allow pressing of diverse materials, e.g. foils, veneers, solid surface materials, glass lamination, car interiors (dashboards, trims), solar modules, leather, etc.

Our Materials Expertise – the key factor in our market position

As an approved partner of industry Steinbach AG possesses outstanding material know-how and has developed a well-respected reputation.

Our key product materials:


Our silicone products are characterised by excellent elasticity. Their consistent quality in the work process is evident in their long-term flexibility and high thermal stability.


Our products are based on high-quality natural rubber of exceptional durability and flexibility. Carefully selected ingredients prevent discolouration on formed plastics – a Steinbach formula based on many years of experience.