Forming Solutions

Our performance profile – perfectly tailored to burgeoning markets

Who we are

Steinbach AG is a global supplier of high-quality technical rubber products for machine and forming industry companies. Our product range focuses on large-scale top-quality special membranes manufactured from silicone or natural rubber, and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

What sets us apart

In addition to our many years of experience as a partner of industry, Steinbach is distinguished by its outstanding material know-how and customised, solution-oriented thinking. Our range of services includes individual consulting, finishing, precise manufacturing as well as on-time, reliable logistics.

Our customers

Our customer portfolio includes prominent laminator, vacuum table and membrane press manufacturers, as well as companies from industries like furniture, automotive, aviation, photovoltaics, carpeting, glass manufacturing and composites. The reason for this growth is the growing range of possible applications for our product solutions.