PTFE glass fabric for use in the textile industry

In the textile industry, there is dyeing, steaming, fixing, printing and shrinking. All of these processes place high demands on the machines used for them.

Thanks to the high resistance to chemicals and temperatures, durability and antistatic properties, PTFE glass fabric from Steinbach AG can be used in many key positions in the textile industry.

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What is the challenge in the textile industry?

The major challenges facing the textile industry, depending on the textile product manufactured, include printing and transporting textiles in the production process as well as other process steps such as fixing, steaming and drying.

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How Steinbach's PTFE glass fabric can be a solution to the challenges in the textile industry.

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In textile printing, open-mesh PTFE products from Steinbach AG are mainly used, such as transport, feed and cooling belts made of PTFE glass fabric and PTFE aramid fabric. They can be used for all types of ironing, fusing and double belt presses, shrink dryers, dampers, tenter frames and continuous dryers for printed fabrics.

Service from Steinbach AG

We offer a large selection of open-mesh PTFE conveyor belts for a wide range of applications in the textile industry.

We are happy to tailor our PTFE products for your individual requirements. Over-widths are possible. Optimised seams guarantee a smooth manufacturing process. In addition, edge reinforcements and special closures are available.

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