PTFE glass fabric in the plastics industry

The plastics industry faces major challenges in various production processes with regard to antistatic and non-stick properties as well as high temperature and media resistance of transport elements and moulds.

The high-quality PTFE glass fabric from Steinbach AG in various designs can be of great help in precisely these key positions.

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What are the challenges in manufacturing products in the plastics industry?

The pieces made of plastic must not stick during the production process or transport, and they must not leave any residues on the conveyor belt, for example during the production of elastomers. There are also special requirements in the plastics industry with regard to antistatic properties as well as temperature and chemical resistance.

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How the various PTFE glass fabrics from Steinbach AG can be a solution to the challenges in the plastics industry.


Thanks to their special properties such as anti-adhesive properties with simultaneous temperature and chemical resistance, PTFE conveyor belts are used in the production of plastic profiles and in rubber vulcanisation in UHF systems. The PTFE conveyor belts make sliding transfer onto the moulding tool possible even during forming processes.

In addition, open-meshed PTFE glass and aramid fabrics are used in the manufacture of fleece as a conveyor belt for thermobonding or as a calibration belt.

Service from Steinbach AG

Our range includes a large selection of PTFE glass fabric and PTFE conveyor belts, which can be used in a variety of ways in the manufacture of products in the plastics industry. We are happy to assemble our PTFE products according to your individual requirements. In addition, you can get oversizes as well as special edge reinforcements and fasteners from Steinbach AG.

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