PTFE glass fabric for mechanical engineering

Temperature and media compatibility, antistatic, short-term availability and friction reduction are among the various challenges in mechanical engineering.

At Steinbach AG, you get a tailor-made solution for your individual requirements in the form of glass fabric coated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene or polytetrafluoroethene). It is characterised by many excellent properties, making it the perfect solution for special technical challenges in mechanical engineering. Due to the unique sliding and friction behaviour, the chemical resistance and the high temperature resistance in long-term use, PTFE glass fabric can be used under extreme conditions.

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What exactly do the challenges in mechanical engineering look like?

Conveyor belts in mechanical engineering are subject to high stress. In order to ensure a smooth process, the following properties are necessary for conveyor belts:

  • Antistatic transport, for example with painted parts
  • Heat resistance for the need for heating in the manufacture of certain work pieces, such as heavy foils
  • Use of non-stick machine protection elements, for example in the manufacture of silicone and rubber profiles
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Examples of how the PTFE glass fabric from Steinbach AG can be a solution to the challenge in mechanical engineering.

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The PTFE glass fabric from Steinbach AG can be used in the form of conveyor belts, for example to warm up heavy foils. One-sided adhesive glass fabric films with a PTFE coating offer a non-stick surface for machine protection elements.

The PTFE conveyor belts from Steinbach AG generally offer good antistatic conditions and long running times thanks to polytetrafluoroethylene.

Service from Steinbach AG

Steinbach AG provides you with a large selection of high quality PTFE glass fabrics and PTFE conveyor belts for a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering.

In addition, various edge reinforcements and special fastenings as well as one-sided self-adhesive PTFE glass fabric are available. Even over-widths are possible. Optimised seams guarantee you a smooth production process.

We assemble our PTFE products according to your individual requirements.

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