PTFE glass fabric for the glass & solar industry

Due to the energy transition, the demand for solar systems is great.

In order to make the manufacturing processes of advanced components and products in the glass / solar industry sustainable and efficient, modern, innovative technologies and strong partners like Steinbach AG are required.

With its large selection of glass fabrics, Steinbach AG reliably supports the challenges that the production processes in the glass and solar industries bring with them.

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What are the challenges in the glass & solar industry?

During the production process, the glass elements and photovoltaic modules must be transported and stored safely.

In addition, lamination plays a central role in the production of solar modules. Ultimately, both the service life and the performance of the modules depend on optimal processing.

This requires non-stick and durable materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).


How PTFE glass fabric can be a solution to the challenges in the glass & solar industry.


PTFE conveyor belts can be used successfully for laminators, for example. Due to their non-stick and anti-static properties, they are also good conveyor belts for glass panes and solar modules.

The PTFE glass fabrics from Steinbach AG can also be used as separating films or intermediate layers for solar modules and glass panes.

Service from Steinbach AG

With us, you get high quality PTFE glass fabric and PTFE conveyor belts.

Our large selection offers a wide range of possible uses in the glass and solar industry. Special edge reinforcements and closures are also available to you. We manufacture individual PTFE glass fabrics and PTFE conveyor belts for you. Over-widths are also possible.

Get in touch with us and benefit from our experience with the material PTFE.

Any queries regarding this product? Then contact us using this form or call:

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