PTFE glass fabric in the manufacture of composites

The aim of composite materials is to combine different types of materials into a composite material in order to generate synergy effects and overall improved properties. Both the geometries and the material properties of the various material components play a major role.

Composite materials are often produced to enable high strength in lightweight construction or media resistance in the chemical industry and corrosion-resistant cables in the HVAC industry. In addition, safe storage and safe transport during the production process of the composites are essential.

This makes the production of composites a great challenge, for which the PTFE glass fabrics from Steinbach AG are an excellent solution.

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Examples of how the PTFE glass fabrics can be a solution to the challenge.

Special PTFE foils from Steinbach AG are used, among other things, in the automotive industry and other industries. They serve, for example, as separating films for presses for the production of polyester composites, as a base or as an intermediate layer.

In addition, our PTFE conveyor belts are used for the production of non-stick composites due to their good sliding properties. The conveyor belts are mainly used when the non-stick effect is required under rough operating conditions with high temperatures.

PTFE conveyor belts can also be used as conveyor belts for warming up heavy foils. The coating with PTFE increases the service life compared to conventional conveyor belts made of glass fabric.

PTFE aramid fabric is also often used in the manufacture of single-layer and multi-layer fabric compensators.


Service from Steinbach AG

We have a large selection of PTFE glass fabric, PTFE conveyor belts and PTFE foils for a wide range of applications in the production of composites. Over-widths are also possible.

In addition, we offer you an extensive selection of special edge reinforcements, closures and connections such as tab connections or alligator connections, which are perfectly tailored to your individual requirements.

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