VCI packaging

VCI flat bags, VCI side gusseted bags, VCI side gusseted pallet covers, VCI sacks, VCI films: perfect for corrosion-resistant storing of metal parts

Our offering

  • improved corrosion protection
  • natural ingredients
  • pleasant odour
  • food-safe and organic
  • nitrite- and amine-free
  • 100 % recyclable
  • thicknesses 80my and 120my
  • many sizes for selection
  • coloured mandarin-transparent
  • unprinted or with advertising print
  • weldable
  • for short delivery
  • on-time delivery

vci verpackungen
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Prices for available thicknesses and sizes of VCI bags & VCI packagings

Prices given in EURO per 1,000 pieces plus VAT. Please consider the minimum invoice amount of € 50.00 net.

Special formats and individual advertising prints are available according to your demand!

The delivery of stock goods is effected immediately, within 3-5 working days at the latest. Subject to the goods being unsold. The delivery time of custom-made products and print jobs will be provided on request.

VCI flat bags / thickness 0,08 mm / transparent mandarin orange

Size in mm
Width x Length

VCI side gusseted bags / thickness 0,12 mm / transparent mandarin orange

Size in mm
Width x Length

VCI side gusseted bags / thickness 0,08 mm / transparent mandarin orange

Size in mm
Width x Length

What is VCI?

A Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) is a substance acting as a gas and protecting metal components against corrosion.

The impact of VCI

VCI produces an invisible molecular protective layer on the metal against the effects of oxygen and water as well. The protective substance evaporates from a PE film. The gases penetrate even in cavities difficult to reach and in drillings in the metal pieces and protect these. The effect is maintained for several years. After unpacking the inhibitor dissipates without residues. Due to the VCI bags the pieces arrive at the recipient dry, clean and corrosion-free and can immediately be used and do not need to be cleaned.

Our VCI films are available in various sizes and designs.
Our VCI films are available in various sizes and designs.

Where are VCI products used?

Everyone storing or shipping materials sensitive to corrosion like steel, cast iron, iron, copper, brass, bronze, zinc can use VCI products for protection. VCI films are packed as bags for small piece packaging or bulk material, as side gusseted bags for charge carriers (KLT) or as covers for pallets and pallet cages, or even used as protective packaging for maritime transport in containers.

Users are among others:

  • metal workers and metal processors
  • all businesses which store and transport metal pieces
  • people working in mechanical engineering and aggregate construction
  • manufacturers of steel and wire
  • exporters and overseas forwarders

VCI packagings by Steinbach AG

Our VCI films consist of food-safe, 100 % recyclable VCI material and are perfectly suited for storing products sensitive to corrosion due to an improved corrosion protection. For example, screws, pipes, gears, ball bearings, saw blades, body parts, pumps, cylinder blocks, machines, plants, aggregates, steel coils and wire coils are packed in our VCI films.

VCI bags are available at our company as flat bags for packaging of small pieces and as side gusseted bags for charge carriers or as covers for big protective packagings. The bags are coloured in mandarine-transparent and are open on one side without closure. Would you like to permanently seal our VCI flat bags airtightly, this is easily possible due to a bag welding set. For a temporary sealing of the VCI bags we recommend clips or elastics.

On demand we will deliver to you VCI bags and VCI films with your advertising print.

Our service for you

Steinbach AG offers you VCI bags and VCI packagings in various thicknesses and sizes for selection and for immediate delivery. We will gladly send you our film packagings as samples.

Your format is not included? We deliver VCI bags and packagings in special formats.

High-quality service, individual consulting and custom production based on reliable, on-time logistics round out our performance profile.

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