BarySkin® V608D

BarySkin® V608D is a high-quality, two-component material, which is solvent-free on the base of PUR with high damping effects on structure-borne sounds.

Main Function

Structure borne sound dampening (anti-drumming), corrosion protection, sealing, adhesive


Thick-walled, steel constructions


Attention should be paid to our processing instructions!

Underground preparation
Good adhesion to normal primers. The underground has to be clean, dry and free from grease and oil.
Steel and metal: sandblast SA 2½ or grinding C – St2 according to SIS-norm.
Gel coat: Grinding with sand-paper, granulation 60 to 80, crosswise.

Processing temperature
Between +5 °C and +35 °C

Exact mixing ratio is important!
Hand-processing (cup-processing) intensive mixing of wall-zones, probably transfer to second cup. Stir well component A before use. A layer wise filling of cups is possible, unmixed material does not harden! Keep away moisture during hardening time.
putty processing

Potlife/ Interval time
(Approximate) 30 min / 7 days

The revision with an adhesion mediator (primer) as well as grinding and roughening up are possible.

Storage conditions

Dry between 15 - 20 °C. Protect against frost and blazing sun!
Max. storage time: 24 months in unopened original package

Delivery forms

The material is available in bundles separately from 5 kg and 10 kg of total quantity, components A and B in the correct mixing proportion packaged.

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