Product discription and advantages

  • Underlayer of fabric (reinforce)
  • Bond of the two layers cannot be separated mechanically
  • Black covering layer is resistant to decomposing outgassing during lamination process
  • Constant quality thanks to quality management
  • Durability results in longer machine running times and thus shorter set-up times

Area of application

Solar modules

Standard dimensions

Width up to 3500 mm
Material thickness 3 mm and 4 mm
Surface smooth/textured

Technical data

Compound BT-FB5 -
Colour Blue/Black  
Polymer Silicone/Special layer/with underlayer of fabric (reinforce)  
Material hardness 60 ± 5 Shore A ASTMD2240
Tensile strength 6.5 mpa ASTMD412
Tear strength 42 N/mm2 ASTMD624B
Elongation at tear 460 % ASTMD412
Max. temperature 200°C  
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Important information:
The listed test values and data are based on results of many years of development, tests and proving. A characteristics warranty and guaranteed function can’t be derived from the information given. It is within the user’s responsibility to test the selection of material in a specific application to ascertain his intended operational capability. Technical changes within the product development are subject to change.