PTFE coated glass fabrics open-mesh

Product description and advantages

  • Conveyor belt
  • High temperature resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High dielectric strenght
  • Resistance to UV, IR and HF
  • Non-toxic
  • Good running properties
  • Constant quality thanks to quality management

This conveyor belt of polytetrafluoroethylene is characterized by outstanding features such as temperature resistance, chemical resistance and dimensional stability. Diverse types of PTFE are available to you.

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All types of PTFE can be customized depending on the requirements. In case of extremely large widths, opitmized seams guarantee a smooth production process. Precise perforation can be carried out for your frame structure thanks to our computer-controlled water jet unit.

The specifications for all products are based on the provided mix test results and represent key statistical product figures, but do not specifically guarantee properties. The right to changes for the purpose of technical advancement that do not substantially modify the product are reserved.