Resealable PP bag Klickgrip

  • made from polypropylene
  • side weld, highly transparent, high gloss and unprinted
  • with 1 punched hole (8 mm diameter) centred in the header
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Thickness 0,075 mm unprinted

Prices per 1000 in €
Size in mm
Width x Length
75 x 17048,7046,2044,10Price on request
80 x 12042,5040,6038,65Price on request
90 x 18048,9046,6544,50Price on request
120 x 17057,1554,3050,90Price on request
150 x 20070,8067,4063,55Price on request
160 x 22074,0570,6066,50Price on request
200 x 25075,4071,7568,05Price on request
220 x 31082,9078,2574,15Price on request